Delivery Time: 24-72Hours

Fraud not supported.


This service is for cleaning phone from lost/stolen IMEI if your phone is lost/stolen. This service will clean the IMEI of the phone so it does not show lost/stolen. This service will NOT clean or clear the money you owe in your T-Mobile Account. If you owe money, this service may not be for you. This service will NOT unlock your phone either. If you want to unlock after you clean, you can order our unlocking service after your phone is clean.

Warning: No refund for submitting the wrong IMEI. No refund if your phone is Not T-Mobile USA. No refund if your phone shows financed after clean. No refund if the phone owes money in T-Mobile USA database. Once submitted, you CANNOT cancel.



If the phone is blocked from financing and it gets cleaned, if customer tries to activate it on USA T-Mobile networks it might go back to blocked.